Brides and mother-in-laws beware…What follows is the most jubilant wedding processional I have ever seen. (And that includes grass hula skirts in Kauai for a Samoan nuptial.) A funky, bent-arm pumping dance choreography (dance music in church?) which starts like one guy at a Phish concert and ends like Bollywood Film. Your heart will be in your throat and you will wish this was your wedding!!! Like I said, take notes. Bucks County, PA weddings, less like Busby Berkeley and more like Jill and Kevin. Fresh, style, fun and class.


I knew I never should have sold my skates! That lucky girl Hilary Duff high sticked sweet hockey boy Mike Comrie of NHL’s Edmonton Oilers off the ice and into a love nest. I wish I was that sexy Disney diva flaunting my magic on Gossip Girl.

The Holly Hedge Estate is one of the most beautiful places in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for a classic wedding, full of elegance and history, and surrounded by natural beauty.