Ok boys! Your chance to put a ring on sugar pop Miley Cyrus is still on. Rumors of her marriage are false. You may have to wrestle her crocodile boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and help her write some lyrics to her music, but the hot spawn of Billy Ray is still available, legally.

“American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, infamous for liking nothing, will over compensate for his lack of ┬áinsight with 4 weddings to Mezghan Hussainy . Salvador Dali will be the theme of four unions to appease both sides of the family in; Brighton, England, Los Angeles, Barbados, and Hollywood!

I knew I never should have sold my skates! That lucky girl Hilary Duff high sticked sweet hockey boy Mike Comrie of NHL’s Edmonton Oilers off the ice and into a love nest. I wish I was that sexy Disney diva flaunting my magic on Gossip Girl.